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Want to have those smiles after moving?

Eco-Friendly Moving Box Rentals

We understand packing and moving are stressfull situations. Let us help you, so you can relax a little bit while being green and save $$$!

Why renting greenCube is a greener solution for your moving?
greenCube is a heavy duty reusable container, made from recycled-content materials (without compromising its strength and durability) and recyclable. By renting greenCubes, you will reduce the usage of cardboard boxes that might otherwise be used a few times and then end up in our landfills. Save some trees!!

How greenCubes make my packing easier and in less time?
- No Assembly Needed, Heavy-duty, water and dust resistant. They will protect your stuff better compared to conventional cardboard boxes.
- Don’t need to be taped. Save your money on tapes, forget about dealing with lousy tape & struggling to open a box. Each greenCube comes with a pair of FREE reusable zip ties rental for locking and an eco-friendly label for identification.
- Easy-lifting ergonomic handles which designed to help you move around conveniently while packing.
- Easily stackable, combined with dolly system will minimize lifting needs.
- Drop off and pick up services. Save your gas and time, make your packing even greener by renting green wardrobes and ordering eco-friendly moving supplies from us. We will also deliver them to you and gladly help you recycle them after your move.

Do I need to pay extra for all of greenCubes’ benefits?
No, please check our pricing and do the math. We give you the best value of your $$$!

You have a better option to pack and move, let’s preserve our environment for generations to come!

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