Greenwrap Ready Roll replaces oil-based packaging materials such as the bubble and foam wraps/cushions.

Greenwrap paper is die-cut with thousand of slits, 3-dimensional web of honeycombed cells and interleaving tissue paper which made from 100% post consumer materials. Greenwrap is non-toxic, reusable, 100% recyclable and 100% compostable.

Greenwrap is ideal for wrapping and cushioning, designed to protect your valuables against the rigors that might found in handling environment. It is less mess and user friendly since the interleaf design of Geami will act as interlocks with no tape needed that will make it easier to wrap and un-wrap your valuable items.

It is used by many of the leading manufacturers, distributors and retailers in many industries such as R&D batteries®, European Soaps® and Crate&Barrel®.

Another ‘green’ alternative that will save your packing time at no extra cost to you!

Example of Residential Usage: vases, candles, bowls, plates, china, glassware, home décor, food (jars, tins & bottles), beauty & cosmetic items

Example of Business Usage: electrical parts, electronic items, awards, office décor

geami Width: 14” inches

Interested to purchase large quantities of Green Wrap ready Roll or carry them in your store? We are the Green Wrap Distributor for Austin Area. Email us at for more details.

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