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greenCubes are eco-friendly reusable containers for moving & temporary storage. A solution that will help you: Move in a greener way!

  • - Heavy duty / industrial strength container
  • - Ergonomic handles for easy lifting & move around
  • - Designed for easy pack/unpack and speedy loading/unloading
  • - Dust & water resistant
  • - Dimensions: 24” Long x 20” Wide x 12.5” Deep
  • - Maximum load Capacity: 45 – 50 lbs
  • - Stacking height on Dolly: 4 to 5
  • - Stacking height on Truck: 6

Example of Residential usage:
Bedroom: comforters, bed spreads, linen, pillows, blankets, purses, shoes, folded clothes
Bathroom: shampoos, soaps, towels, lotions and contact solutions
Kitchen : pots, pans, spatula, cutlery, plates, dishes, spices, housewares, household décor

Example of Commercial/Business Usage:
computer, lab equipments, papers, folders, models, testing equipments, product samples, merchandise, legal size file cabinets, office decors, supply rooms.

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