Project Managers: Fulfill special project requirements

Greener, sustainable and cost-effective alternative to cardboard boxes

Eco Friendly Moving Box Rentals for Project Managers to Fulfill Special Project Requirements

If you are looking for a greener, sustainable and cost-effective alternative to cardboard boxes for your special project, please let us know what you need and we will gladly work with you.

Here is how we can benefit your projects:

- Environmentally responsible, green image for your projects/company. greenCube is heavy-duty reusable container, made form recycled-content materials and recyclable. By renting greenCubes, you will reduce the usage of cardboard boxes that might otherwise be used once or twice and then end up in landfills. Save trees and reduce carbon footprint.

- It is heavy-duty industrial grade container, water and dust resistant that will provide a superior protection and integrity of important documents/items compared to a conventional cardboard box.

-greenCubes don’t need to be assembled nor taped, is designed for easy loading/unloading that will reduce packing time.

-Its ergonomic handles & stack-ability features combine with the dolly system will minimize heavy lifting which help to reduce the risk of workers’ compensation issues.

- Cost efficient. We will work with you for the best possible predetermined set of pricing. A greenCube can handle more content than a conventional cardboard box with the same size, so you will need fewer boxes. In addition, you can also eliminate costs associated with storage and its requirements as no storage needed. With all the value added, our rental rate per box is less than the cost of purchasing a cardboard box.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help you fulfill your project requirements!