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Eco-Friendly Moving Box Rentals for Company Relocation

Workplace relocation is often costly and inefficient. Let’s us know what you need as we understand that every business is unique and we will customize solutions that fit your business.

We serve all sizes of business as well as local, state and federal government agencies.

Benefits of renting greenCubes for your business:

- Environmentally responsible, green image for your business. greenCube is heavy-duty reusable container, made from recycled-content materials and recyclable. By renting greenCubes, you will help reduce the usage of cardboard boxes that might otherwise be used a few times and then end up in landfills. Save Trees and Reduce Carbon Footprint!!

- It is heavy-duty industrial grade container, water and dust resistant that will provide a superior protection to your properties compared to conventional cardboard box. It can be secured/locked using zip ties (provided).

- Improve your relocation time efficiency. greenCubes don’t need to be assembled nor taped, have easy-lifting ergonomic handles and designed for easy loading/unloading that will reduce packing time and help you and your employees get back to work faster.

- Increase cost efficiency. With all of the value added, our rental rate per box is less than the cost of purchasing a cardboard box. In addition, you will need less boxes as each greenCube can handle more content than a conventional cardboard box with the same size.

- greenCubes is easily stackable, combined with dolly system will minimize heavy lifting which help to reduce the risk of workers’ compensation issues.

- Our drop off and pick up services will simplify your relocation. We also carry eco-friendly moving supplies with a very competitive price and will gladly help you recycle them after your move.

The right solution will improve your efficiency and lower the overall costs of your move while being environmentally responsible.

Contact us today to get your customized solution!